Our Families

Amy and Frank Lindgren

Naemi Johnson “Amy” & Frank August Lindgren married in 1902. Their family included nine or ten children, eight survived into adulthood. One, Edwin, died in his first year. Amy was born in America from immigrant parents. Frank emigrated from Sweden.

  • Regina Leona
  • Gilmore Ruben
  • Evelyn Anna
  • Obed Franklin
  • Ruth Linnea
  • Emory Emmanuel
  • Irene Elizabeth
  • LeRoy Paul

Lizzie & John Lindgren

Elizabeth Johnson “Lizzie” and John Lindgren were married and raised ten children.

  • Olive Lindgren
  • Melvin Lindgren
  • Harold Lindgren
  • Filmore Lindgren
  • Theodore Lindgren
  • Leonard Lindgren
  • Verner Lindgren
  • Paul Lindgren >> Dick Lindgren >> Chris Lindgren
  • Laverna Lindgren Carey >> Jim Carey
  • Elvira Lindgren

The Johnson Family

John Peter (JP) Johnson married Johanna Dorothea Burman. Both emigrated from Sweden and met in Iowa near the small town of Lanyon.

  • Esther
  • Frank I.
  • Lizzie
  • Amy
  • Obed Simon
  • Nellie

Swedish Ancestors

Emigration from Sweden played a significant part of the Lindgren Story in America and Central Iowa. Many parts of the Lindgren Story are told on these pages. The Back Stories by Jonathon Coss is a good place to start. His sister, Linnae, has used many sources to compile a wonderful collection of tables that depict both the breadth and depth of our genealogy.

John and Frank were brothers and sons of Peter Gustav Magnuson and Ingrid Jonnsdotter. Peter and Ingrid raised six children in a tiny town in the Smaland province of Sweden. Four of the six emigrated to America and settled in Central Iowa South of Ft. Dodge in Green and Webster Counties.

  • Amanda
  • John
  • Frank
  • Ida
  • Selma
  • Jennie

Extended Kinship

Across 150+ years since emigration from Sweden, the children of Peter and Ingrid have many marriages that have led to a vast dispersion from Sweden and Iowa. Accordingly the Lindgren Family Connections now embrace a broad array of surnames. These we know and some of these we have sustained connections that continue to expand. Here are some we know:

  • Carlson
  • Carey
  • Burman
  • Anderson
  • Lambert
  • Castenson
  • Youngdale
  • Burman
  • Johnson
  • Hill
  • Bratt
  • Peterson
  • Lessing
  • Dahlen
  • Coss
  • Selim
  • Roos