1999 Denver

The reunion in 1999 was the first that was intentionally devoted to bringing cousins into the Lindgren’s family sibling’s practice of getting together. Reunions has been a long standing tradition among the children of Amy and Frank Lindgren. Many of most of the early reunions were held in the Lanyon-Ft Dodge area. However, by 1999 both Frank and Amy had passed annd Roy Lindgren recognized that continuing reunions would depend upon gathering at other alternative locations. Roy was, at the time living in Silver Springs, MD and he encouraged the meeting in Denver. He recognized that this was an important occasion to engage the cousins in family reunions. Other organizers of the Denver meeting were, no doubt, involved, and it seems clear the Irene was another important leader of the reunion effort. However, our records of how others may have contributed to the organization are incomplete.

The 1999 reunion was held at a State Park that may have been Cherry Hills State Park. Steve Lindgren has raised some doubt as to the accuracy of this location, as he also cites a famous Golf Course of similar name, that he and his son Stuart visited at the time of the reunion.


A photograph provided by Linnae (below in the Gallery) confirms that siblings Obed, Ruth, Emory, Irene and Roy were present. Other photographs will be used to compile a list of attendees …

Others known to attend included:

  • Steve Lindgren
  • Stuart Lindgren
  • Joann and Bill Morton
  • Becky and Susanne Lindgren

Notable Events

Picnic at a pavilion at the State Park …

From Left: Emory, Ruth, Obed, Irene, Roy

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