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This Website intends to highlight the history and contemporary lives of members of the Lindgren family. We all have interesting roots in Sweden that we hope to document and expand. Much has been done to collect and preserve these genealogical records. We’ll collect what we know and as new information emerges, this will be our place to display, share documents, photographs and other artifacts of our history. Put another way, this website is both about the past and the future.

The past is prologue to the future. It is a grand hope that this website will enable connections among all who may choose to gather here. The site is both a historical document and a blog to build bridges through the telling of contemporary stories in the spirit and through a grand extension of the Round Robin tradition that began around 100 years ago as our antecedents migrated away from Lanyon, Iowa for college and careers. Yet the Lindgren farms around Lanyon remained an anchor that fostered reunions and expanding connections. With the passing of our parents, the children of Amy and Frank Lindgren as well as John and Lizzie Lindgren and all of the brothers and sisters of J.P. and Johanna Johnson.

Our lives in America began with the immigration of Frank and John Petersson from Smaland in Sweden. These two sons of Peter Magnuson and Ingrid Johansdotter found their way to central Iowa where John and then Frank adopted our surname, Lindgren. Both brothers eventually settled in central Iowa and farmed. Each raised a large family.

The site was initially established by Bruce, Dave and Steve Lindgren from Minnesota. It is our hope that the site will become a repository for the historical records and photographs that members have acquired from our parents, aunts and uncles as well as our cousins.

Much more will follow. We hope you will visit again soon.

If you would like more information, about subscribing or contributing to this site, please contact Bruce Lindgren at (218) 348-3325 or email Bruce at

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Great work, Bruce. Now we need to focus on engagement of family members in this web site. Thanks for all you have done here to preserve a marvelous historical record.

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