Extended Kinship

Across 150+ years since emigration from Sweden, the children of Peter and Ingrid have many marriages that have led to a vast dispersion, a diaspora of sorts, from Sweden and Iowa. Accordingly, the Lindgren Family Connections now embrace a broad array of surnames. These we know and some of these we have sustained connections that continue to expand. Here are some we know:

  • Anderson
  • Bratt
  • Brindley
  • Burman
  • Carey
  • Carlson
  • Castenson
  • Coss
  • Dahlen
  • Ecklund
  • Hill
  • Johnson
  • Lambert
  • Lessing
  • Peterson
  • Rivers
  • Rohden
  • Roos
  • Winblade
  • Youngdale

Undoubtedly many more surnames could be added and there is no intentional omission. Comments and editorial conversations about potential additions are always welcome. If any other family websites exist we would welcome inquiry about sharing links particularly where relevant connections occur.