The Johnson Family

The marriages of Amy and Lizzie Johnson to the brothers Frank and John Lindgren now lead to many fascinating connections that will add rich narratives to these pages. Some of this history has been captured, but much remains. Our ancestors include many from Sweden and, of course, those who emigrated from Sweden to form new families in the United States. One of our most treasured photographs (below) includes Fredrika Swenson, who bore the children of Göran Swenson. One son, John Peter (J. P.) Göranson took the name Johnson in America. J. P. married Johanna Dorothea Burman. In Sweden, Johanna would have been Andersdotter following her father Andrew Burman. In America, she adopted the surname Burman.

Frederika Swenson
Identification Key
1. Edith Burman Roos11. Alice Burman22. Ida Castenson
2. Hannah Main12. Esther Renquist23. Esther Johnson
3. Martin Main13. Sophie Burman Carlson24. Lizzie Johnson
4. Nellie Johnson
14. Nellie Main
25. Frank L Johnson
5. Matilda Burman15. Dan Main26. John A. Burman
6. Christine Renquist16. Obed Johnson27. Emil Renquist
7. Fredrika Swenson17. Amy Johnson
28. *
8. Clara Main18. Hannah
Burman Eklund
29. *
9. Johanna Castenson19. Albert Renquist30. young girl*
10. Johanna Dorothea Johnson20. Hannah Renquist31. *
2l. Ed Castenson32. J.P. (John Peter) Johnson

* These unidentified people must be three sons-in-law – J.A. Renquist, John Castenson and John Main – and the daughter of one. The fourth son-in-law was John Burman (#26).

Notes on the original photograph: Written in pencil on the back – “1892”. Written over this, in ballpoint pen (later), are the names of those in the photo, in Gene (Regina) Dickerson’s handwriting (Amy Lindgren’s daughter). Married names are given for some of the girls. Four people are not identified (see asterisks). Some names were damaged by glue used to hold the photo in an album. Gene’s siblings Irene and Roy helped identify these in 2004.

There many details to add to our pages and connections as we move forward with the adventure of developingn this website.

The Johnson’s oldest Daughter, Esther, married Emil Rohden and they had six children:

  • Omar Rohden
  • Delphi Rohden Anderson
  • Melville Rohden m.
  • EdithDorothy Rohden Priem
  • Oliver Rohden
  • LaVerna Rohden Brindle

Lizzie Johnson married John Lindgren as documented elsewhere.

Frank I. Johnson married Esther Carlson and they had five children:

  • Roland Johnson
  • Pauline Johnson Wood
  • Eleanor Johnson Russell
  • James Johnson
  • Rosalie Johnson Ortmeyer

Amy Johnson married Frank Lindgren as documented elsewhere.

Obed Simon Johnson married Vida Lowrey and they had two children:

  • James Waldemar Johnson
  • Johanna Dorothea Johnson Riegel

The youngest child, Nellie Johnson, married Ernst Anderson and bore no children.