Our Swedish Ancestors

Our origins from Sweden occurred in a context of Sweden in the mid-nineteenth century. This article by Jonathan Lindgren Coss will help in understanding this historical time.

Of course, history is about people and what follows will begin our journey of understanding those important people who came before us. Two towns, Hamneda and Nora Sanjo are important centers from which our families emigrated in the 1800s. Families we will follow include:

  • Peter Gustav Magnuson 1842-1924
  • Ingrid Johansdotter 1839-1913
  • Goran Peter Svenson 1803-
  • Fredrika Jonsdotter 1814-1901
  • Anders M. Johanson 1820-
  • Anna S. Magnusdotter 1826-1874

It is expected that all of the above will be honored with pages to commemorate their lives. The list will undoubtedly expand to include other ancestors as we gain more information, stories and especially pictures. The gaps of where these ancestors lived and what they did in their respective communities will be filled as we go forward. Fortunately much of this informattion has already been collected by relatives who have traveled to Sweden.