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Where we have lived, now live, work and play … the entries that follow are snippets for people and places connected with the families descended from Swedish immigrants to America. Most particularly the families of John, Frank, Selma and Jenny who grew up near the town of Hamneda in the Smaland region of Sweden. They were all children of Peter Gustav Magnuson and Ingrid Johansdotter. Leaving Sweden each traveled separately at different times but gathered again in America’s midwest state of Iowa and a tiny town south of Fort Dodge—Lanyon. Between Hamneda and Lanyon their travel was marked by many geographic locations.

Hamneda & Noratorp

Noratorp is a geographic area south of Hamneda and associated with the Lagen River. The property in Noratorp consisted of around 14 acres and Peter Magnuson was licensed to farm the land and so far as is known he owned the house on the property. The property and its dwelling is located at coordinates _____________ .

The property was owned and occupied by an Axelsson person sometime around or after 1960 when the property was visited by Irene Lindgren Lessing and her husband Carl Lessing. A photograph of the dwelling is located at this URL.

Lanyon, Iowa

All four of the children of Peter Gustv Magnusson and Ingrid Johansdotter live on farms located in close proximity to Lanyon. These farms are highlighted on maps we have constructed.

Ames, Iowa

The Iowa State University in Ames has been the alma mater for many Lindgren offspring Gilmore, Irene, Ted, Carleton, Jon. Pat Heath attended ISU and later graduated from another university in Oklahoma.


Bruce, David and Steven Lindgren, sons of Obed and Verona grew up and now live in Minnesota. Bruce lives in downtown Minneapolis, David lives in Stillwater, and Steve lives in Bloomington. All were raised in Richfield MN where Obed and Verona owned two different homes. Steve remained there until 20xx. While in Richfield Steve was very active policically and participated in public life including the Richfield School Board and Chamber of Commerce.

Fargo, North Dakota

Jon Lindgren and his wefe Elane were members of the facultyat North Dakota State University, which is located in Fargo. Jon became mayor of Fargo and served in that capacity for 17 years, the second longest serving mayor in Fargo’s history.

Madison, Wisconsin

Dick Lindgren and his wife settled in Madison Wiscon where together they raised four Children. Dick practiced radiology at Madison hospitals.

Independence, MO.

Carleton Lindgren practiced psychiatry in Independence, Missouri, where he and wife Alice raised two children, Carla and Jay.


Emory Lindgren served a church in Turlock, CA. His son Jim and wife Martha lived for several years in Whittier CA in the wine country of California. Emory and Ruth Lindgren’s daughter lived form several years with her husband in Ocean City CA.

Jim Carey, PhD is professor of entomology at UC Davis.

Mini-reunions of cousins took place in and around San Diego in 2018 and 2019.

Last updated 23 June 2023.

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