Amy & Frank Lindgren

Children of Frank and Amy Lindgren married and their many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grand-children now live, work and play throughout the United States and in locations around the world. All of their nine* children are now deceased. Our connections to the past and future are recorded on these web pages and posts to sustain memories of these connected families. Through much good fortune beginning with Swedish emigration in the nineteenth century, settlement in central Iowa and continuing through remarkable material, intellectual and spiritual prosperity our relatives, our relatives created a legacy for all who follow.

Front row: Gilmore, Grandma Amy, Grandpa Frank, Regina
Back row from left: Roy, Evelyn, Irene, Emory, Ruth, Obed.
This photograph was taken in April, 1947 at the Forty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary of Frank and Amy Lindgren. “Mom and Dad hosted a dinner at the Fort Dodge Women’s Club located in a beautiful, old home.” Quote from Aunt Irene

By 1950, the children of Frank and Amy Lindgren had left the farm in Lanyon, IA and traveled to many locations for higher education and careers. Gil returned to Lanyon and the farm as Amy and Frank retired, first to Lanyon and then Fort Dodge, IA. The diaspora continues to many states and international locations.

Remarkably, Frank and his brother John, left Sweden, settled in central Iowa, adopted our surname, Lindgren, and married sisters, Lizzie and Amy from the Johnson Family. Accordingly, these pages will include and embrace the extended families of the many brothers and sisters as they are known. All sources of information are warmly welcome. Please use any of the listed contacts.

  • *One child, Edwin Joel Alfred, (born September 3, 1909) died at six weeks of age of “summer complaint,” an infant diarrhea.