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Uncle Emory (Em) and Aunt Ruth were missionaries in the territory of Alaska in the 1940s and 1950s. Alaska did not became the 49th state until 1959. Two books were written by Emory about their experiences. The books were encouraged by Emory’s brother, Dr. Roy Lindgren. Unalakleet AK is located on the West coast, next to the Bering Sea about 145 miles from Nome, AK and 380 and 400 from Anchorage and Fairbanks respectively. It is mainly accessible by air. The mission in Unalakleet was established decades before 1940. Competition for the belief systems of Native Americans (Inuit) between Catholic Priests and the missionary’s of two protestant sects was described by Emory.

Em & Ruth in Alaska ...
Emory and Ruth Lindgren often displayed these parkas when speaking to supporters at churches in the United States in the late 1940s.
First Book
Self published in 1999.
Second Book
Published by iUniverse,; Bloomington IN 2010.
Covenant church in Unalakleet AK. This facility was updated after the tenure of the Rev.Emory Lindgren. The church’s bell was located in Minnesota by Obed Lindgren, at the reque4st of his brother, Emory, carefully crated and shipped by rail, boat and air to its installation in the church steeple.

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