Round Robin

The children of Amy and Frank Lindgren left Lanyon, IA, traveled and settled in different states of the United States of America, as well as territories and countries. In 1930 (See Lindgren Memories on Page 44 in recollections by Aunt Ev), they began a practice of writing letters and sending the letters in a single envelope to a designated sibling. When the “Round Robin” arrived, an old letter was removed and a new one written. The collection of letters was then sent on to the next sibling. This practice was maintained for over seventy years without a known break, or need to restart the process.

Because of the protocol of removing an old letter and adding a new letter, we strongly suspect that there are no artifacts or archive of these Round Robin letters. Of course, if anyone has such, we would be delighted to publish photocopies of originals.

Our Uncle Roy Lindgren before his death began to engage the cousins in the process. Today, the tradition of communication continues with leadership from Linnae Coss of Philadelphia. Linnae solicits letters and photographs from cousins and children of cousins as well as our double second cousin, Jim Carey. With a bit of light editing, Linnae assembles submissions and uses email to disseminate the Round Robin.

This page will be a directory for access to past and current Round Robin documents. Our expectation is that these and similar communications among Lindgren relatives will be more and more frequently as pdf. These will be available for reading online and for downloading. As we frequently say, “Let’s Keep in Touch!”

Current Round Robin

The current Round Robin was emailed on October 15, 2020. A link will be updated soon.

Past Round Robin Documents

Our intent is to gather past Round Robin documents and make them available as PDF files that may be viewed online or downloaded.

A decision has been made to make all the Round Robin letters since 2003 available through another option. If you are interested in viewing these letters, please contact us. Thank-you for your interest in reading these treasures.