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Editors for “LindgrensOnline.Net” welcome your contributions.

This Website was established to foster and advance connections among the progeny of Frank and Amy (Johnson) Lindgren as well as the extended family. Amy gave birth to nine children, eight of whom lived remarkably long lives. The main menu above is intended to provide reasonably efficient navigation to these connections. On a website, content is both Queen and King. Accordingly our intent is to provide an easy access to the tools for making contributions. Every person connected to the Lindgrens of Lanyon, IA are warmly invited to connect as a contributor, author or editor. If you have some interest and even minimal expertise in what goes on behind the scenes of the website, please consider an even more active role with participation. In any case, at any level of interest, please contact Bruce Lindgren at or call (218) 348-3325.

It would be hard to justify a site about the Lindgren Family without an image of a Swedish Flag.

The website is notably a “Blog” and is powered by WordPress. It has incorporated the WordPress “block” editing features. After a bit of orientation, these features will make writing of new posts and editing of posts much easier. However, there is always a learning curve with new versions and it may take a bit of time to accommodate these “easier” ways of making posts to the site. For contributors or authors new to the site, you may find the tutorials and tips at WordPress and YouTube helpful to gain initial orientation and get you started. However, there is little to substitute for experience which always entails some uncertainty and frustration. One piece of advice that helped me with most things in the digital world is that you can’t break anything. If you want to do something, go ahead and try it. Mucking around the menus and other features will lead to discoveries. When frustration is high feel free to call me.

Anything you do to a post can be changed. If a really big change is needed you can always delete or remove the post and start over. Most corrections can be accomplished with the edit feature, which you will generally find associated with anything you have done as an author or contributor.

When you registered or were registered for the site, you were placed into one of five categories: subscriber, contributor, author, editor or administrator. A subscriber has “read only” privileges; although comments may be entered for review by an editor or administrator before they appear live on the site. In other words, comments are mediated or modulated. Contributors submit copy in the form of draft articles, or comments. These submissions are reviewed by an editor before being published live. An author is able to publish posts live directly and has access to media libraries as well as other resources to add content. Editors have additional privilege to accept and publish content and to modify content that has already been published including pages, which are intended to contain the relatively stable or unchanging content of the site. The administrators are able to make the most dramatic changes to the site such as adding widgets, themes, etc.

All suggestions for the site should be sent to Bruce Lindgren, the current site administrator. If you have his phone number (above) feel free to call during reasonable hours of the day or weekend. His email address is Your questions are a great stimulus to my skill development.


  1. A major effort is underway to establish a format that is unique to each page for individuals connected to the family. This will provide spaces for a photograph and entry of birth, marriage, death, internment location, children (natural and adopted), education, occupation, residence(s), and (unique) accomplishments.
  2. We use targets in long pages (and posts) where there are subtopics. This enables an author to list subtopics after the introductory (basic) block and make each item of the list a link to the subtopic of the page (or post).
  3. Videos are posted on Bruce’s YouTube channel to show how to add new posts using photos, blocks and targets.

4. Use the Comment Section at the bottom of the various Posts to provide feedback on the website. Thanks is advance for your input!!!

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