Ted Lindgren

Theodore Dean Lindgren was the second son of Gilmore and Hazel (Hill) Lindgren of Lanyon, Iowa. Ted and his brothers, Dick, Carl and Jon, grew up on a farm where they learned the value of productive and quality work and valued the love of a close-knit family.

All four of the Gilmore & Hazel brothers earned doctorates. Among cousins they were known as Doctor, Double Doctor, Doctor and Doctor. Ted was Double Doctor—PhD, and JD.

Ted was a loving father and grandfather. He greatly enjoyed projects with homes, cars and hobbies. All was done seriously and with great fun.

His marriage to Elizabeth (Bet) Parnell was shortened with het untimely death from cancer.

Ted was a graduate of Iowa State University, and obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He also earned a JD at Stetson University in Florida. During an academic career that included teaching mathematics, Ted worked independently and invented a unique brush-less motor for which he was awarded patents. For many years, Ted worked in the capacity of a patent attorney in Texas, New York, Florida and Georgia.

He was married to Bet Parnell and together they had three children. Lisa (Eriksen), John and Anne (Blitch). Anne and John are both attorneys, while Lisa is a journalist. Ted and Bet enjoyed six grandchildren.

Tragically, Ted suffered a massive stroke that left him with partial paralysis and a nursing home resident for many years. Yet, he brought joy to those who visited him in person, or by way of telecommunication, with a warm smile and a wave of his hand.

Ted Lindgren passed away, 14 May 2022 after a long life of nearly 90 years. More information about Ted will be posted as it becomes available.

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